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Music, videos, photos, graphics, web content
unless otherwise credited.


I make music. Music is Medicine. Though have an extensive history in the music scene only recently started crafting my own beats. 

Currently working on THE DRT PRJCT Live for shows in Victoria BC Canada. ELECTRO TRASH BEATS, Flow Dancers, jester/entertainer, percussionist, guitarist, theremin, live painting,
Smoke Bombs, Epic Background Videos, Skullptures and so much more.


DJ/Sound @ The Town Pump, Vancouver BC. #1 A-Room
Live Venue.

Promo and marketing, RadioActive Productions
+Timbre Productions.
DJ + art @ CITR (UBC) Radio
Posters + tour mech for Simple Minds (New Gold Dream...),
Violent Femmes, Alien Sex Fiend, The Gun Club, The Dickies,

GBH + more.

Multimedia... Apple stuff. Good jobs and contracts. Doing the
DVD cover and menu design for David Bowie's The Man
Who Fell to Earth with Rainmaker is special. Music related.

Computer guy. Remain fully engaged in new music and live
Partial list of concerts attended below. I'm a Digital
ontent Creator. Teacher, trainer and consultant with Apple

gear. Super with being able to create most of the 'bits' for

THE DRT PRJCT Live. The Short Movie.

DRT MUSIC draws upon many inspirations and genres. Short vid clip from our Fall 2023 rehearsal. The vocals are from my friend Greg in Texas. Have also done collabs with Lit Luigi and AMTV (Nigeria). They are rappers. In my songs you'll also hear William S. Buroughs, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna and other historic thinkers.

I inject a good dose of 'culture'. Videos from Tetsuo: The Iron Man and the Giallo movie snippets are good examples of. A Giallo movie genre themed show in the works. I do this cause I've been around for a while. 

People and Bands see Live that I love. Influences.

Anderson, Laurie •  B52’s • Beach Boys • Beat Farmers • Belew, Adrian • Black Uruhu • The Blasters • Boredoms • Buchanon, Roy • Byrne, David • Buckwheat Zydeco • Chibo Matto • Clash, The • Clarence Gatemouth Brown • Colins, Albert • Collins, Bootsy * Constantines • David Thomas & the Woodenbirds  • Dead Can Dance • Doughty, Mike • The Doves • Etta James  • Fishbone • Fontaines DC • Foxing • Go-Betweens The • Guided by Voices • Hank Ballard and the Midnighters • Hersh, Kiristin • Hitchcock, Robyn • Hole • House of Love • Idlewild • Images In Vogue • James Jesus and the Mary Chain  • Jim Rose Circus, The  • Led Zeppelin • Lindley, David • King Sunny Ade • King, BB • L7 • Lovich, Lene • Luna • McGowan, Shane and the Popes • Ministry • Misfits, The • Mojave 3 • Mojo Nixon w/Skip Roper • Morrissey • My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult • Nashville Pussy • Nazareth • New York Dolls • No Means No • Pere Ubu • Pixies, The • Placebo • Pogues, The • Pottery • Ramones, The • Rank and File • Red Hot Chilli Peppers • Replacements, The Reverend Horton Heat • Richmond, Jonathon • Screaming Blue Messiahs • Shak’in Pyramids • Shriekback • Skinny Puppy • Sloan • Softboys, The •  Sonic Youth • Soul Coughing • Sound Garden  • Steel Pulse  • The Stranglers • SugarCubes (Bjork), The • Superchunk • SuperSuckers • Talking Heads • Teenage Head • Throwing Muses, The • TinderSticks • Trash Can Sinatras • Trooper • U2 • Violent Femmes • WoodenTops • X...

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