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So it goes, my friends, so it goes – a tale of magnificence and splendor, a carnival of the senses, THE DRT PRJCT Live emerges before us like a technicolor dream spun from the frayed fabric of reality itself. An odyssey of the extraordinary, a cacophony of sights and sounds that promise to rattle your bones and tickle your synapses.


As the luminary JOHN DRT unleashes his original electrotrash beats upon the very air, a collective pulse quickens. But wait, there's more – for this spectacle of splendor is not content with mere auditory bewitchment. No, it beckons the flames of fire flow dancers, those elemental emissaries who cavort with the inferno as if it were but a doting partner in their otherworldly waltz.


But lo and behold, a jester emerges from the shadows, an entertainer whose antics would make even the most seasoned court buffoon blush with envy. A purveyor of mirth, a shepherd of smiles, this capering companion shall keep you enchanted and amused, a living embodiment of the enigma that is THE DRT TEAM.


Ah, and what of the visuals, you ask? Fear not, for this is not a feast for the ears alone. A cadre of cameras, poised like sentinel eyes, shall capture every electrifying moment, every pulsating beat, every contorted movement. The SHORT MOVIE, they proclaim, shall encapsulate all that transpires within this temporal reverie.

The inaugural chapter of what portends to be a grander saga, a saga of unbridled artistry, boundless imagination, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. THE DRT PRJCT Live, a rendezvous with wonderment, an affair with the senses – dare you miss it? So it goes... and so shall it be.

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