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Flaming Sword
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Victoria BC Canada

And what spectacle awaits us?

A live show, my friends, a transcendental experience that shall surely test the boundaries of reality and perception. The DRT PRJCT Live Show, they call it, a conjuration of sights and sounds that promises to rupture the confines of the ordinary and propel us headlong into the extraordinary.


But lo and behold, the tale doesn't end there, for the visionaries behind this sonic reverie have a grander scheme in mind – the creation of a cinematic marvel that captures the very essence of their avant-garde escapades. A movie, dear reader, an opus of visuals and sounds that shall forever etch this surreal epoch into the annals of history. DIG DRT.

John drt web pic 02.jpg
DRT Poster HOT web 24.jpg

NEW LP now on Bandcamp. 

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