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Started making music early 2020. These are 20 tracks I really enjoy listening to. From 4 albums. Good introduction. Sounds like? JOHN DRT... releasing even the early stuff is something... interesting.  LET'S GET TO IT!

Press play: Full LP. Best of and unreleased.


Digital Artist, composer, musician, producer and creative POWERhouse.


"Everything is Something" Label.

Music for Television
"Everything is really interesting if you look into it deeply enough"
Dr. Richard Feynman

'Doing it different'. DIG STUFF UP. SPREAD IT AROUND.
"WELCOME" Tons of Stuff to explore.

theDRTPRJCT is something. A bunch of things, but mainly MUSIC related. Music I make, Music I LOVE. Ever changing. This SITE is about my musical meanderings. From DJ @ Vancouvers' #1 (indie) club in the 80's to today. Making my own sounds!

"Ear like no other" JB.

It is crazy exciting that composing one's own music, making accompanying videos, websites, etc, is so accessible to so many. Disc space is an issue. Oh, and my headphones are kinda shit for this production stuff, BUT we have a great relationship and that makes this all the more mind-blowing + wonderful. If you want to find a way to live in the moment composing music is right up there. Science says. And I'm very much running on intuition and the apparent good amount of imagination. THIS is what I LOVE about technology. Enjoy some ear and eye candy...


4th LP is now available on  BANDCAMP + SOUNDCLOUD .

SMASHING stuff out is a great way to learn.
Music for Television. "It's sic" FRESHY

The 'songs' I make are only somewhat by design. Have slight ideas and then after a few hours the sound direction becomes clear. It's a wonderful process of audio exploration.  My brain is FULL of sounds that obviously are eager to come out to PLAY. DRTY STRY makes it pretty clear where it came from. Have been so fortunate and blessed. Also a fan of a bit of 'dirt' or WTF in the mix sometimes. Music is Medicine.

+MORE Coloured Smoke Bomb video shoots.

Created on Mac

Apple Creative Content professional for 30+ years is something. Music created using Garageband. Apple's free music making software. Anyone can create something.