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Melbourne jangle-pop quartet hits all the right ‘80s pleasure points

"In an era when listeners can sample new music like sommeliers, slurping up tracks and spitting them out after three-second snap judgements, it makes evermore sense for a fledgling band to put their strongest song in the track-one/side-one lead-off position. And on their first proper stateside release, Melbourne quartet Quivers fully abide by that rule by opening Golden Doubt with “Gutters of Love,” an instant anthem that charts its journey from heartache to healing by gradually building from a solitary strummer to a skyscraping chorale. It’s the sound of bedsit 1980s college-rock thrust into the big-tent environs of 21st-century indie, like a Go-Betweens with Coachella-conquering ambitions or a Smiths with greater pub sing-along appeal. And it’s absolutely glorious." PITCHFORK

JOHN DRT compared them to the Go-Betweens in YouTube Post.

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