JOHN DRT Music Videos

The 'SHORT' series. Short Visit, Short Walk and working on ideas for Short Drive. Music from 'Best of and unreleased' LP available on Bandcamp NOW.



Original Music by JOHN DRT

Performers: FERNBURN CLUB "Thank you!".

Label: sevenpointsomething

"This year I've thoroughly enjoyed involving others in my art projects. Find that 'everyone' likes coloured smoke bombs. Whether a participant or spectator. ANYTHING we can do to bring a bit of joy and curiosity into other's lives is HEAVEN."

MORE about JOHN DRT's latest LP 'Music for Television'.

"I heard Music for Television , it's exceptional work, caught my ear, I hope it reaches others who will enjoy it too". James A.

Pretty sure many of you will quickly figure out what each track is 'about'. You should enjoy the rewind. Suggest headphones or pretty good speakers with reasonable volume. At times BOMBASTIC!

Thank you Jacq, David, Mitch, and Victoria for letting me shoot you.